Things Insurance Companies may say to "steer" you into using "their" body shop.

Things you need to know first before you make that call.

When calling the insurance company to file your claim, your insurance company may suggest taking your car to another auto body shop that is on their “preferred list” or their “Selected Vendor List” of repair shops. Their direction might even sound like you have no choice but to take it to the shop they recommend. This practice is calling “steering” by the insurance company and it is against the law. Insurance companies are only allowed to recommend a shop if you ask them for a referral. Since YOU, the customer pay for YOUR insurance, you have the right to choose the auto body shop for all of your repairs and the insurance company must work with the shop that you have chosen for your repairs. We at Hampton Body Works work closely with all insurance companies and will repair your vehicle properly without cutting any corners.

Some examples of Insurance Company wording of what they may say, which could mislead you into believing you are required to use one of their preferred shops are:

1) If you don’t use one of our preferred shops, you will be responsible for all additional costs and Hampton Body Works charges more than we are willing to pay for your repairs.

• This in incorrect, we work off of the estimate from ALL insurance companies. If your insurance company has written for “after-market parts, you have the choice to pay the
difference between the after-market price vs. OEM Parts.

2) If you use a shop that is not on our preferred list, it could take up to a week for our adjuster to inspect the damage and your shop can’t begin repairs until we inspect the damage.

• Most insurance companies will have an adjustor to our shop within 2-3 days. Once our customers signed the authorization to repair, we will disassemble the vehicle and write an estimate so we are ready for when the adjusters come out here to inspect.

3) Hampton Body Works is not one of our preferred shops so we cannot guarantee their work or the repair.

• This is NOT TRUE! All work done by Hampton Body Works has a lifetime warranty on all collision repairs, including paint.

In most insurance referral programs the insurance company becomes the primary customer to the “referred shop” and the insurance companies cost saving interests become the shop’s top priority, not what’s best for YOU. Hampton Body Works promises you that we work for YOU, we will repair your vehicle to the most highest standards. We work for YOU, not the insurance companies. We are preferred vendors to a few insurance companies that understand and agree with our policy of repairing your vehicle using the same high standards that all of our customers have been known to receive in the last 32 years of being in business.

Once the vehicle is brought here for the repairs, we will disassemble your vehicle to inspect all damage and will write a complete estimate and will wait for your insurance company to come out for inspection and our staff will go over all the damage together to assure nothing is missing from the insurance companies estimate.

We promise you that you will not be disappointed by choosing Hampton Body Works for your repairs.

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